My path to liberty, and why I work on this site.

For some reason, I grew up a jingoist. Probably because that was the only path available considering the timing of my growing up a latch key government school cog. Nobody ever taught me anything other than soldiers and police were heroes protecting our freedom.

I do remember wondering if humanity was ever going to be free from the horror of being born on the wrong piece of land controlled by some gang with a flag calling itself a government or religion you didn’t consent to. I remember wondering if people can or ever will be self ruling. Can we evolve away from this delusion of nationalism? At the time, there seemed no way to explore or discuss this.

Instead of exploring those little thoughts of anarchy, I gave passive credence to our “democracy”. Although I had never actually read the Constitution, I somehow had faith in it’s divine inspiration, instead of it being the “well crafted document for an ever increasing empire” I now believe it is. I put a lot of effort into learning about the actual history of how the Constitution and the laws came to evolve. Digging into federal and state law became a serious interest of mine as I thought that knowledge of the law would be a powerful vector in preserving liberty. At this point, I don’t see any value in our existing governing and legal structure. Moreover, open source can absolutely remedy these exact issues.

Upon Digg’n Deeper into the principles of open source, I have also been exposed to the principles of liberty and sustainability in general. The effectiveness of Open Source projects was unexpected to me. They have necessarily self-sustaining projects that are given away for free, usually with full community support that you are welcome to copy and create your own with. Many of these projects are hugely profitable. When you take a look at the various ways they structure, it becomes very apparent of the simple genius. Seriously? What is that?

I am shocked at my own ignorance and misconceptions of liberty; my tragic faith in the State. I was taught nothing of liberty in school. I realize that television and main stream media is actually nothing but lies and ignorance. Thankfully, we now have the Internet and even more amazing technologies. We can learn the simple solutions of peace and freedom.

How is it that the people of the world still allow ourselves to be governed by these illegitimate sick freaks? The time has come and the tools are at hand to change this. The religion of the State will end.

What if we don’t even need elections? What if the answers never use government.

I spent years learning all I could about the US federal government relative to the constitution law, economics, history, and most importantly – logic and game theory. It is obvious that ignorance is optional these days, but mistruths are still the norm. With my eyes opening, we came to the 2012 presidential primaries. I watched the blow by blow from New Hampshire to Ohio through to the convention in Florida. I saw the entire mainstream media coverage as well as the internet coverage

Today, we have the tools of peace. #OpenSourceEverything

Fifty Ways to Leave Leviathan

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