My goal for today is to do some designing of my brand and web properties. This involves quite a bit of housecleaning and reorganizing of this site, as well as a plan to finish about a dozen of the evergreen articles I have started. I’m scratching my head about how to lay it out semantically so as to organize things specifically, yet allow for a very broad scope an ability to expand. Add to that, a clear flow from all areas of the site.

The problem I’m thinking about now is of moving major topics to a sub-domain. For example: I think that the prohibition section would be better as

On top of that, I have decided that the site will be a mix of journalism and index. That will be the target of my efforts. It’s an ambitious endeavor for someone that can barely find the time to get anything done, but I do know why that has been the case; failure to design.

All success is due to design. Even luck can’t overcome design, in the sense that it takes an existing good design to capitalize on luck. So, that is where my focus is now.

I changed the tag line a bit to better explain my mission: Digg’n Deeper into tools, concepts, & stories of creating solutions for a robust and peaceful society through voluntary interactions. I think it’s pretty good.

Digg’n Deeper
Farrier Services
Flying Higher
Digging Deeper Farm

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