Gaming Systems

The long awaited ability to play blockbuster game titles on Open Source is here! SteamOS

There are three main factors that go into gaming system performance:

  • Video card speed: Takes care of calculating and displaying graphics, along with helping the CPU in some other specialized tasks like physics. Selecting the right video card depends heavily on the resolution of the monitor you will be using: the higher the resolution the more work there is for the video card to do, and the faster the card needs to be to keep up and maintain good frame-rates.
  • Processor speed: Will be running the interface, AI, and everything else behind the scenes,
  • Sufficient memory: Memory, or RAM, isn’t so much about speed (though it has a small effect) as it is about having enough to properly cache your applications and games. If you have an insufficient amount then the computer has to cache to the hard drive space instead, which brings the system to a crawl.

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