Bitcoin accepted here

Why bitcoin?

Check out You will find on overview as well as show you how to get a wallet and some bitcoin to put in it. There are also some links to a couple of bitcoin markets.

Get a wallet

Smartphone:The android Bitcoin Wallet client by Andreas Schildbach seems very nice. It has a nice exchange rate feature. Allows you to back up your keys and seems to monitor the blockchain in a way that it isn’t downloaded to the device?
Computer: You can also download a client for your computer from
Blockchain: You can get a wallet from While you are there, take a look around to learn more about the system.

Get some bitcoin

Coinbase makes it easy to securely buy, use, and accept bitcoin currency.

I prefer to use to exchange dollars to bitcoin.

Other bitcoin markets allows you to exchange bitcoin for giftcards of all sorts.

I plan to refine this to include a convenient current exchange calculator and also my plans to trade in precious metals such as silver in particular.

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