Custom Open Source Computer Systems

The #OpenSourceEverything ecosystem is the native environment for Internet and/or intra-net servers, networks, websites, audio/ video communications and editing systems. Any communications and multimedia needs can be met through open source solutions. You can own and control your ability to create and communicate content any way technology will allow.

Do you want something new?

These computers and radios are built for you with the best components available using methods and modifications not available in the regular box stores. If that sounds complicated and expensive, then I hope this website can change your mind.


These systems are custom configured your way for the things you want to do with them. The most innovative thing about using open source software and high performance hardware is the ability to combine or separate any or all of those components listed on this site. There can be consequences, so you should be sure about what you really want. Well designed efficient and reliable systems are minimal and well maintained by necessity. If you are not interested in doing your own work or paying someone else to do it, this is not the right platform for you.

Re purpose or upgrade an existing computer system.

Most open source software can be installed on your existing late model and even older lower powered computers. How about that for a sales pitch of a different kind?

Turn around is roughly 1-2 weeks for most systems for existing clients. An ever changing waiting list may exist for new clients.


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Hardware prices range from less than $100.00 for handy low powered devices to around $1,900.00 for very high powered communications servers and multimedia systems.

Special cutting edge systems can always be much more expensive in time and hardware, but the power available in “off the shelf” hardware is really impressive.

Standard prices for software installation and configuration on custom computers and communications networks. See hardware above if needed.

A la carte: $250.00 minimum and $90.00/ hour.

Do you need help installing and configuring special computer hardware, software or networks? Digg’n Deeper can help on a per issue basis.

Beautiful and simple linux operating system installed and setup and ready for you to dig into: $250.00 – $750.00

Create a custom operating system with the bare basics to an advanced system capable of just about any communications and media creation.

Small home or office networked communications: $750.00 – $20K

Your communications are important to your home life or your business development. You need to keep your core group connected where ever they are, so they can use their tools to work and communicate. Reliable and well maintained systems are a priority, and you want your technology to work hard for you – it needs to be easy and smart. You’re more than likely a good fit for a small custom network.

Large complete custom networked communications: $20K – $60K

You’re a relatively large company or group and you need to communicate with a lot of people within and outside your group. Maybe you need to connect multiple locations and/or divisions. Are you looking for something cutting edge and innovative? You may be looking for a large custom network.