Author: Scott Gregory

I’m working on a full review of installing and use of open source collaboration apps.

This is my second series and one I really look forward to getting done. I am working on comparing and contrasting the use of Riot, Retroshare, Kolab and NextCloud for community messaging and collaboration. These are some very interesting projects. I have used Kolab and OwnCloud (NextCloud was forked from OwnCloud) in the past, but […]

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March 11, 2017: Steemit and SuperNet

Today I registered and set up a Steemit account. I remained very skeptical of Steemit for a long time, but these days I feel that it is proving worthy of a next generation social network/ censor proof blogging system. I also have been thinking a lot about doing some animating for blockchain or other open […]

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February 13, 2017: Strange winds.

This weeks goals are: Reorganize site layout using subdomains for topics. Finalize monetization plans and outline projects. Start searching for stories to cover. I was talking with a contractor about fencing on the phone this afternoon and as I was standing there in my yard, a little cyclone thingy started up and threw this trampoline […]

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